DW 5000 Series Sidekick Bass Drum Pedal

$239.99 USD

Model #: DWCP5000S

NOTE: This is a specialty item and may not always be in stock. If item is not currently in stock please allow extra time (2-4 weeks) for shipping. Thanks!


Ball & Socket Leg Assembly-

DW Sidekick pedals include two universal legs that act as one of your drums’ oor tom legs. They come in .5in and 10.5mm diameters to t many di erent tom leg brackets. Install the appropriate diameter leg to your drum then connect it to the ball & socket straight arm on the Sidekick pedal. Once you nd your desired pedal distance and angle, tighten the wing screw on the ball clamp and leg clamp to lock it in place. Loosen the wingscrew of the height adjustment casting to raise or lower it until you have reached your desired height then tighten the wing screw to lock it in place.

Rope Drive-

Attach the rope connector to the beater hub and tighten the key screw to lock it in place. To change the footboard angle, loosen the toe stop key screws from the top of the footboard and pull the rope until you have reached your desired footboard angle then tighten the key screws to set the angle.

Stroke Adjustment-

The stroke adjustment can be used to vary the distance the beater travels before hitting the drum. For a slightly heavier (longer) stroke move the screw towards the back, for a lighter (shorter) stroke move the screw forward.

Beater Length-

The length of the beater shaft can be adjusted to achieve the desired feel and impact area. The beater should hit the center or an area 1-2 inches near the center of the drum. Once the desired height is achieved, secure the beater shaft by tightening the beater hub key screw.

Beater Playing Surface-

The standard Two-Way Beater has both a curved, medium felt side for a warmer attack and a at, hard plastic side for a brighter attack, much like wood, but without the weight.

Spring Tension-

DW drum pedal springs feature an internal noise reduction damper as well as a tension locking mechanism. To increase or decrease the spring tension, loosen the round knurled nut at the base of the spring assembly and pull down on the spring to release the locking hex nut. Tighten or loosen the lock nut to create the desired tension, then release the hex nut and retighten the knurled nut to lock in the adjustment.

Non-Skid Velcro-

All DW Bass Drum Pedals include non-skid Velcro on the bottom of the pedals to prevent bass drum crawl.