DW 6000 Series Accelerator Single Bass Pedal

$149.99 USD

Model #: DWCP6000AX

The DWCP6000AX 6000 Series Accelerator Single Bass Pedal is reminiscent of the first pedal DW ever manufactured, with a very retro look combined with very modern innovations. The Accelerator cam produces an indirect relationship between sprocket and footboard; great for fast, sensitive footwork.

This pedal is outfitted with lots of DW features, including:

  • A Radius Rod Base that lets you fold your bass pedal up into a very small package that will fit neatly in a small hardware case.
  • The Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly gives you adjustable spring tension.
  • The Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge has ball bearings on both sides for a buttery smooth action
  • The Dual Adjustable Toe Clamp locks your pedal to the bass hoop so well that you can't tell they're not just one piece of equipment.