Remo 11.75" Symmetry D1 Fiberskyn Conga Drumhead

$55.99 USD

Brand Remo
The Fiberskyn drumheads provide a superb, authentic drum sound when used on world percussion instruments. In fact, they are the world's most widely recorded synthetic world percussion heads. Crimplock Symmetry was created to add flexibility in our manufacturing while increasing available drumhead dimensions. This means, Crimplock Symmetry drumheads can fit more conga drum models from the various manufacturers in the industry Long time players of skin on skin have warmed to the alternative playing with Remo's synthetic drumheads. Skin on Skin is a phrase used by percussionists to describe the direct connection of a player's hands with animal skin drumheads. Remo's synthetic drumheads provide easy tunability, durability, and playability.Remo now adds to its World Percussion Drumhead Line the Crimplock Symmetry, Type 4, conga drumhead.